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Artist in You

” The wonders of the world are just a brush and canvas away. “

( The Joy in Crafting )


Drawing is not a skill that appeals to me even as a child. If we have a homework or project that requires illustration i will had my uncle do them for me, am just not patient enough. I remember one time my eldest child was younger and was asking my help to draw a pig for his homework and ended up with a sad and confuse look on his face until he started to wail – yes wail! He kept saying that what i draw was not a pig and i had to laugh.  But no it doesn’t look nor even close to a pig.  Then on i knew the curse is still in me :p  .  But coloring is a different story.  I love colors and growing up my parents would always buy me some crayons and coloring materials and am lost into my own world of pinks and purple and red and yellow.
But when your heart is anxious and depression hits, the next thing you’d like to do is run away.  Run away from anything and everything that messes up your head. I’ve been there and done that. Prayers is everything but a little effort can also do the charm – and so my painting journey began.

It was the beginning of 2016 when i first tried my very own acrylic painting.  It was a simple subject of black and white.  My materials are just cheap brand of acrylic paint (the cheapest price i saw) and i bought only 2 colors.  I didn’t knew if I’d like it anyway so might as well not indulge. Then i trace a side-view of a woman, just the shape and outline before i filled them in black.  This is the stressed part of me, the anxious, depressed, low and dark stages of my life.  It looked okay as it is but i wouldn’t want to be in dark forever and so I added streaks of white on the silhouette lady.  These to me are the streaks of light coming into my life.  The possibility of all things great and beautiful, the light of my better future with my loved ones.  You need to bring out the light streaks in you to be able to break out from the dark.  Dark color will only darken an already dark piece.  Life is made of many other colors anyway.  There may be black, but so is white.  🙂

Don’t be afraid to discover the inner you nor be scared of not making it right.  Its just a canvas, there won’t be any mistakes but just learning opportunities.  So bring out the Picasso in you and start painting the colors of your life with love, hope, faith and positivity. 


Silhouette Lady

Acrylic on Canvas


Oran 2016