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Bottlecap Keychain 

Sharing to you how I make my DIY Bottlecap Keychain. A simple art project you can do even with your kids 😉


I saw my bottlecaps last night as I was packing some of my stuff in preparation for our big move.  I thought I’ll make a post on how i make bottlecap keychain that i used to sell, before finally putting them in the box. I was able to sell keychains like this for around p80-p100 pesos (Philippines currency) some 2 years ago. Then after I got busy with doing hairbows and accessories, which sometimes I still accentuated with unique bottlecaps design whether as centerpiece on bows or pendant on ballchain necklaces. They are very easy and quick to make that even kids will love it. 😉


  • Keychain (you may use an old one if you just have it sitting there)
  • 1pc jumpring (to attach keychain to bottlecap)
  • 1pc Epoxy Dome (this is the round, clear adhesive, about 1 inch size that we use to cover our bottlecap image)
  • 1pc flattened bottlecap (w/hole for the jumpring)
  • Image or photo (1 inch in diameter)
  • Pliers (to attach the jumpring)
  1. First thing i do is to look for an image or picture that i like to put on my bottlecap. Cut it round using scissors/round cutters or in my case i use 1″ size round puncher.  Then i put some double adhesive tape at the back of the image. You may also use glue.

2.   Lay the image flat on your bottlecap making sure that the hole for the jumpring is at the top.

Most online sellers that sells bottlecaps gives you option of whether you like them with hole or none.  Since i also uses bottlecaps for my handmade hairbows i chooses none also because I make use of my own puncher.   So don’t forget to confirm that with your seller when you buy your bottlecaps.

As for the clear epoxy dome, online sellers or even physical store that sells bottlecaps also sell epoxy dome. Some even sell them as a set.  I got both from ebay. Heard Michaels and Hobby Lobby offers them too.  For those in the Philippines, there are online shops that sells bottlecaps both flattened and unflattened in different designs and colors.  I also saw them before at Michelles, its the ribbon store near Tutuban Mall in Divisoria.


3.   You can now put your epoxy dome on top of your image. Just peel it like you do on regular stickers, smoothing it onto the picture. Make sure it lays flat and smooth on your design.


4.   Using a plier, attach the jumpring to your bottlecap and connect it to the keychain.

And there you have it!  Your very own Hello Kitty keychain 😊 You can still customized and personalized your keychains in many different ways.  You can cut out your own photo or a favorite quote and even your loved ones pictures or your kids favorite cartoon character 😊

Here are some samples of how I also used bottlecaps for hairbows and clippies 🙂

Hope you get to try making this unique bottlecap keychains.  You may also attach them to popsicle stick for bookmarks or even use as ref magnets – the possibility are endless 😊 Happy crafting!



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Pearls & Montees

Sharing a DIY earring i made before for a client. Simple yet very elegant.

I’ve always been fascinated with jewelries especially those that blings. So its no surprise that this piece catches my attention. I was new in beading when I first learned how to do this simple yet elegant earrings. The only problem then was that some of the materials were not available in the country where am at (Philippines).   So, in replacement to my missing montees I used bicones. This was a commissioned bracelet I made for a client.  As you can see in the photo it didn’t gave justice to the simple and bling effect that I like, the client however liked the finished product. 🙂

Its a blessing to have a husband who not only supports my hobbies but also understand my need to have materials such as montees. Haha! It was pure joy and relief when he bought me some Swarovski Montees in Rose color. He got it from Amazon or Ebay i think and quickly i tried to do this piece again this time as earrings.  And oh my! was all I’ve said after I finished the first part.  😍

Materials I used here are 6mm glass pearls, rose montees and 11/0 seed beads which I got from bead stores at Quiapo Manila (except montees).   You may also check the rest of the materials on the description box of the Youtube channel where I got it from.

This design has been a constant favorite of friends and clients alike. Very easy to make and those sparkly Swarovski Montees will definitely make you shine.  Hope you can give this a try. 🙂

Video tutorial link from Off the Beaded Path 

Thanks and happy beading 🙂