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” A day spent Crafting is never a wasted day. “

Can’t remember exactly how and when my love affair with Arts and Crafts started.  But I remember it being the best of friend and an excellent therapist I ever had during my lows.  Now am happy to do it at any given mood and point in my life, its like being with your bestfriend or like enjoying ice cream on summer time – its refreshing!  I’ve tried quite a number already of this fascinating treat to the human brain.  From needle work, hairbow making, beading (jewelry making), calligraphy (hand-lettering), perfume making, painting and even baking have been part of my journey to self-fulfillment. There are still so much to try and learn and am looking forward to each of them.  But for now, allow me to share to you the beauty of anything handmade hoping that you too will find the joy in crafting.  🙂

Criz ♥


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